From the very beginning Jamshedpur has been a cosmopolitan and friendly place. The Blast furnace Staff consisted of Americans, the Steel work crew was German, and English men staffed the rolling mills. The clerical staff was chiefly composed of people from Bengal and South India. Unskilled workers in grate majority were tribals, Santhals, Hos, Oraons, Mundas and Chattisgarias.

The following story, told by John Keenan, illustrates the typical Tata Spirit as well as the hazard of life in the works at the beginning. He relates of serious accident in the works when a ladle with 75 tons of molten metal crashed on the ground with a deafening sound emitting sparks and burning metal.

Confused frenzied shouts of men were heard. In this accident Keenan could take only 3 of the injured men in his car to hospital. He chose one who seemed to have better chance than the others and told his helper to bring him. The man shook his head in negation.

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