The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Steel. Its product range includes synthetic iron oxide pigments used to lend color to paints, emulsions, cement floors, plastics, rubber, paper, drugs, printing ink, and other end products. It has engaged the services of reputed American technical consultants to upgrade the quality of its products in line with international standards.

Areas of business
The company is engaged in the production of synthetic red and yellow oxides of iron. Tata Powders have been developed for cement floors in a range of colors that have been well received in the marketplace. It also manufactures dry cement paint for exterior application under the brand name Cemplus, and is exploring the possibilities of manufacturing liquid paint for exterior application, and phenolic resins that are used in refractories and foundries.

The company’s products are exported to the UK. Its product line is being exported to Indonesia and Nepal and plans to expand the network to the Middle East, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are underway.

The company is located in Jamshedpur.

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