Madrasi sammelani has a venerable past. Tatas can track its history back to the date of the founding of the giant steel works in 1907. There were two or three groups formed by the earlier settler, each group concentrating one avocation or other like, bhajans and religious funcions, library activities, education of children, game like football or badminton. These 2 or 3 groups merged and came under one roof of the Madrasi Sammelani. A small hall was constructed at first, later rooms were added on the side. Contribution was made by Sarvshri Sundara iyer, Seshadri Iyer, Anathan and the Siva brothers.
A special entertainment committee was formed to organize major music performances, dance and dramas. Their committee functioned very effectively for many years and had the distinction of bringing to Jamshedpur every prominent musician, Nadas were Vidwan, and exponent of Bharat Natyam.

In 1954 the fifth Tamil conference was organized by sammelani. The younger generation formed a dramatic group called United Amateur Artists who staged many dramas in Hindi and Tamil in Jamshedpur and outside.

In 1944, Ladies in a modest scale, the Dakshin Bharat Mahila Samaj started social work. They built a magnificent girl’s Higher Secondary School in Kadma. Educational facilities both in English and in Hindi medium have contributed pride and prestige to this industrial city. Mrs. Bhanumati Neelkantan’s contribution in the field of education is noteworthy.
A separate organization developed mainly for religious functions and the spreading of knowledge of Puranas and Shastras as well as the ethics in the Vedas Dharma Shastra Paripalana Sabha the seed for which was sown in 1963 at the Sammelani where 1st Vedic conference was held at the initiative of Sir Anandurai Iyengar.
The year 1974 had been momentous, which will go as a significant year in the annals of the history of Madrassi Sammelani. It was the year in which the premises were sanctified by the visits of Holy Acharyas and Mahapurushas.
The Vishwa Hindu Parishad was held in Jamshedpur the Sankaracharyas of the various Mathas like Dwarka, Badari and Puri came here, and the Sammelan provided facilities of accommodation.
The period July to October, 1974 was all the more significant because of the campaign of his Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Kanchi Kama Koti Petham was staged at Sammelani and performed the Chatmamasya vrat and blessed the devotees. The Veda recital started in 1974. The Pathashala had 10 students selected from the state of Bihar; apart from teaching Sanskrit Sama Veda is important. A moral instruction class was also started in 1974. A South Indian temple is situated near the sammelan in Bistupur area. A south India temple is situated near the Samala in Bistupur area.
From the very inception great man like Sri Jagadguru Sankaracharya, Sri Chandrashekharavdra of Govordhan Mutt, blessed the institution and in 1974 Jagadguru of Kanchi blessed the entire community in Jamshedpur. This unique socio-religious Institute’s main Motto is service to society and their Slogan is “servo Jano Sukhino Bhavanthu.”
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