Jamshedpur in the early 1920s could boast of a few cultural organizations to provide diversion or cultural stimulation to the citizens. It was during those years that some Bihar Technical Apprentices began to work for the creation of a forum for promoting the art and culture of Bihar. Among those men were Shri S.P. Singh, J.P. Verma, R.P.Tripathi, J.N.Singh, Rameshwar Prasad, and the Late Lala Shambhu Sharan. They got an added impetus with the arrival of Shri H.C.Bahadur, S.A.Murtaza, late Shri Munnalal Tiwari, Hardeep Singh who provided active support.

With the concerned efforts of all these persons, the Bihar Association was founded in 1926. The Association derives its name from the State of Bihar, the then state of Jamshedpur, Shri R.M.Chaube, Shri H.S.Upadhyay, J.Prasad, H.N.Prasad later played important roles in developing the cultural education and social needs of the citizens of Jamshedpur. Other objectives of the organization were to maintain peace and foster unity among the local people and to render all possible help to those in distress.
During the flood havoc, the Association did a good job by distributing articles and clothes along with cash donation to the Drought and Flood committees.

In 1970 the Bihar Association started a School named after Dr. Rajendra Prasad. It has become a full-fledged High School including plus 2. The Association runs sewing, cutting and knitting classes for women.

It also runs a library in a spacious hall with an accommodation of about 100 people with a stock of more than 25000 titles. The organization offers facilities for different indoor and outdoor games and runs a gymnasium where young boys are trained in bodybuilding. The association celebrated its Golden Jubilee year in March 1976.

Thus, in the service of the community social, cultural and educational fields the Bihar Association is one of the premier social organizations of Jamshedpur.

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